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The term “Natural Stone” refers to the material that is mined (quarried) from the earth’s surface and is hard and strong enough to be used as a raw material in construction of buildings. Natural Stones can be classified into products like, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite (Quartz), Onyx, Travertine and others. These products are further classified depending upon the colour texture, status of the material deposits in a quarry.

Natural Stone are used in the building construction from the ancient times and in today’s modern world these Natural Stones are available in range of different colours, tones and textures. This assortment of colour and texture when combined with various surface finishes gives its own charm and enhances the look and feel of any home, office or building. The appearance of the natural stone varies mainly due to the natural imperfections as stone is mainly made up of silica and quartz. The colour tone and texture of the stone also vary, depending upon the location of the quarry and other conditions it has gone through. Indian Natural Stones are popular across the world for their diversity and are recommended to be used by architects, landscapers and builders.

abc Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. (abc Natural Stone) offers wide variety of natural stones in various surface finishes and customized specifications, suitable for any home, building, kitchen, bathroom, garden, window sills, floor wall tiles, pavers. Our company believes in providing natural stone material – that adds value to our customer products and services, with focus on quality, customization and timely delivery, further ensuring proper packaging to avoid any loses of material in transportation.

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