Dining Table Top

Natural Stone – Counter Tops

Counter Tops, popularly known as Table Top, Bench Top, Vanity Top, Kitchen Top or Bathroom Top. The selection of a counter top mainly depends upon the area where the counter top has to be used (functionality).

Being an important aspect for the homes and buildings, while selecting a suitable material to install as counter top few of the properties of the material should always be considered.

Properties to be Considered:
• Penetrability or Porosity of the Material (resistance to stains)
• Hardness of the Material (durability and resistance to scratches)
• Heat resistance (specially for areas in kitchen)

Although many material options are available to make the counter tops, but natural stone like, Granite, Marble, Quartz material  are used in Kitchens & Bathroom. Counter Tops adds aesthetic value to any home or building depending upon the area of installation and usage. Natural Stone material is the preferred choice because they have the advantages over other materials.

Few Advantages are:
• High Durability
• Low Porosity
• Wonderful colors and shades (to match the interior)
• Easy installation and customization to best match the individual requirements

Although, natural stone has many advantages over other materials that are available in today’s world, there are few disadvantages also. For example, stones might get discolored over the period of time and thus requires regular maintenance at some extra cost, like periodically buffing of the stone surface or application of stone surface sealers. Such precautions, help increase the overall lifespan of the stone.

Green Marble Counter Top

Other areas where natural stone can be installed are dining tables, bar counter, reception counter. Indian Granite & Marble stones are in great demand and admired by architects, builders mainly for the assortment of the colors textures that are available, enriching the interiors and increasing the esthetic value of any home or building.