Granite Stone is a common type of Natural Stone available in India. In different parts of India (from North to South), Granite is available in numerous colors and textures. It is a very popular material which is used in the domestic market as well as exported from India across the globe. Granite colour from South India are more popular and are known for their vibrant colours but granite material various colours from North and Central parts of India mainly form the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are also gaining its popularity in the global market.

Granite is an igneous rock with coarse grain structure with 20% to 60% quartz by volume. This stone is generally available in Black, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow or Grey in colour, depending upon the mineralogy. The word “GRANITE” comes from the Latin “GRANUM” which means “GRAIN”. Granite is hard and tough material and is an important structural and decorative natural stone with low maintenance cost. Mostly Granite is used in the building construction because of its high compressive strength, rich colour textures, hardness, high resistance to weathering etc.

Some uses / applications of Granite Stone are –

  • Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Stair Steps
  • Bathroom Vanity Counter Top
  • Kitchen Tops
  • Landscaping Pavers
  • Cobbles
  • Monuments
  • Sinks and Washbasins

General Technical Specification of Granite Stone are –

Technical Information Value ASTM / Indian Standards
Average Water Absorption
% by weight
0.05 to 0.15 C 97
Average Density 2.50 to 2.80 g/cm3 C 97
Average Compressive Strength 100 to 200 MPa i.e. 1000 to 2000 Kg/cm2 C 170

Granite Stone is mined and available in the shape of blocks (cubes) of various sizes. These blocks are cut and processed at the stone processing factory to produce customized sizes and thickness that are further cut, polished, profiled using machines and skilled stone professionals and labor to achieve the desired slab, tile, monument, counter top etc. as per requirement and need.

Granite Stone Slab Sizes –

Length from 4 feet to 12 feet (approx. 1200mm to 3600mm)

Width (height) from 2 feet to 4 feet (approx. 600mm to 1200mm)

Thickness (various and can be customized) from 1/2 inches (12mm), 3/4 inches (20mm) to 4 inches (100mm) or more

Granite Stone Tile Sizes –

12 x 12 inches (300 x 300 mm), 12 x 24 inches (300 x 600 mm), 24 x 24 inches (600 x 600 mm) and many more customized sizes available

Granite Stone is available in various Surface finishes to suit an individual requirement and are processed at stone processing factory with the help of various machines.

Examples of the Granite Stone Surface Finishes are –

  • Sawn Surface Finish
  • Polish Surface Finish
  • Sandblasted Surface Finish
  • Flamed Surface Finish
  • Antique Polish Surface Finish (Brush Polish) ... and many more

Note: Other Sizes, Specification, and Finishes are available & can be customized as per the requirement.

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